Ben and Sam reach a milestone (the 20-minute mark) as they tackle the topics of clubhouse chemistry and whether there's more to Jeff Mathis than meets the eye. 

Effectively Wild Episode 21: "Typewriter"

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​​Episode 21 Companion

​All times are approximate

03:15: Sam Miller previews today's Jeff Mathis analysis.

04:20: People have often questioned Jeff Mathis' playing time. In fact, Sam tackled that topic in his very first article for Baseball Prospectus.

05:30: Ben Lindbergh mentioned Matt Swartz's article on the expected value of re-signing their own players.  Here's the follow-up to that article.

06:45: Ben wrote a blog post about Gregg Zaun's predictions for Mathis' offense on August 2.

10:40: Ben mentioned the interesting Mark Kotsay extension by the Padres. Here's R.J. Anderson's take in Transaction Analysis ($).

12:45: Ben's topic is BP co-founder Rany Jazayerli's blog post The 2012 Royals And The Illusion of Chemistry.

19:10: The Red Sox might be the ideal candidate for analysis of chemistry, since chemistry has been a long-standing problem in their clubhouse. Sadly, it didn't go away when they traded Kevin Youkilis. ($)  Here's Michael Bates with a historical comp to this year's Red Sox clubhouse. ($)

Compiled by Dave Pease

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