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Update on Jose Bautista? Remove the Jesse Litsch entry and replace it with "out of the season" (so it doesn't encroach on the Adam Lind entry? Date the Mark Lowe entry? Update the Lance Berkman entry, who wasn't on the DL for two weeks but has been put back on? Date the Juan Cruz entry? etc. etc.

This column is extremely useful if it's kept up to date and isn't treated sloppily. Alas...

I think Corey's going to throw my OFTY (out for the year) idea on folks like Litsch at some time or another...
Berkman's comment was left over from his previous trip and will be taken care of.

We keep the last comment on Litsch for those readers who may not know why he's out for the season.

I haven't commented on Bautista yet because still trying to get a more definitive timeline after having soreness.

Those without dates are the most current ones that were updated today.
OK, just to be sure, you're saying, "Berkman's comment was left over ... etc., etc., etc., ... that were updated today."