The Tigers are going through a bit of a bullpen crisis, and late Monday night, Detroit News​ columnist Lynn Henning took to Twitter to speculate that the team might have to make a 40-man move to bring in a fresh arm. According to Henning, the most likely guy to go looks like right-hander Thad Weber, who pitched four innings for the Tigers in April but has otherwise spent the last couple seasons allowing a whole lot of homers for Triple-A Toledo.

Here's the surprise twist: Thad Weber is on Twitter! And not only is he on Twitter, but he follows Lynn Henning. He probably wasn't pleased to see his name bandied about as a candidate to be cut, but rather than respond to the speculation, he chose to check Henning's facts.

To his credit, Henning owned up to the error.

So, happy endings all around! Except for Thad Weber, who might be about to lose his roster spot.