In a spiral I feel in more control
Tight to the palm; fingers in my pores
Take me home safe

Fortunately, I’m honored to be around
Object of the room; object of your affection
Familiar of your stroke

Let’s hold this dance for 100
Break into my bones; extract my identity
The truth lives on my skin

I’m wrapped in aged clothes and stitch
Designed to cut; constructed to buck
A cutting ride into the wind

Hero, hold me in your hand
Beautiful promises; beautiful life
Make me the very best

Impressed by your length
Deep into spin; deep across my bow
My acromegalic hunger

Need not be gentle, Hero
Throw me downhill; throw me down
I can handle the impact

An index finger around my lips
Thumb under my chin; thumb holding firm
A puppet for your fantasies

Start the show with a familiar touch
Control my movements; command my actions
Put me in the position you require

Hero, release me high and mighty
God of my action; God of my angle
On a plane to a better place

Bury me in a leather womb
Keep out the light; close out the escape
Secure me in the zone of your desire

Alone for only a few
Return me to your touch; grab me once again
Hero, take me back into your palm

Mix up the connection we share
Make me twist; contort my body
Flip me into the honest oblivion

Stick three into my right-side
Circle on my underneath; circle of amendment
Keep your hand on top of me when you finish

Thrust me towards the goal
Stroke of velocity; grip of delicacy
A deception to change the mood

Keep my bones safe from harm
Avoid the trees; Hero, avoid the trees         
Their splinters scar my skeleton

Clean me with your touch
Alone in our moment; in love with our bond
Engagement of flesh to flesh

Do you want to watch me dance?
I move just for you; strip just for you
Design my movements

Hero, take me in your hand
I am your ball; I am your belief
Hero, throw me into history

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If you translated this into Japanese and but a beat behind it, you'd never have to work again.
This poem should be made into a music video just like this (mean this as an absolute compliment):
This usually isn't my kind of thing but I read it because it's you, Jason, and I really really enjoyed it. Keep up the abstract shit.
Sounds like you've been aboard the Nolan Ryan Express