Since the start of the season, the Boston Red Sox have used 27 different combinations (as of June 26) of outfielders as starters. 

Here they are:

Number Date LF CF RF
1 25-Apr C. Ross J. Ellsbury       R. Sweeney
2 8-Apr D. McDonald J. Ellsbury R. Sweeney
3 11-Apr C.Ross J. Ellsbury D. McDonald
4 14-Apr D. McDonald C. Ross R. Sweeney
5 15-Apr D. McDonald J. Repko C. Ross
6 17-Apr C. Ross J. Repko R. Sweeney
7 23-Apr C. Ross M. Byrd R. Sweeney
8 26-Apr L. Anderson M. Byrd R. Sweeney
9 27-Apr D. McDonald M. Byrd C. Ross
10 10-May D. Nava M. Byrd R. Sweeney
11 11-May D. Nava R. Sweeney C. Ross
12 14-May D. Nava M. Byrd C. Ross
13 19-May D. Nava R. Sweeney A. Gonzalez
14 20-May D. Nava M. Byrd A. Gonzalez
15 21-May D. Nava M. Byrd C. Lin
16 23-May D. Nava S. Podsednik   A. Gonzalez
17 25-May D. Nava S. Podsednik M. Byrd
18 29-May D. Nava S. Podsednik R. Sweeney
19 6-Jun D. McDonald M. Byrd A. Gonzalez
20 7-Jun D. Nava D. McDonald A. Gonzalez
21 10-Jun D. McDonald S. Podsednik R. Sweeney
22 11-Jun S. Podsednik R. Sweeney A. Gonzalez
23 17-Jun S. Podsednik R. Kalish

D. McDonald

24 19-Jun C. Ross R. Kalish A. Gonzalez
25 20-Jun D. Nava R. Kalish C. Ross
26 24-Jun D. Nava D. McDonald C. Ross
27 26-Jun D. McDonald B. Lillibridge C. Ross



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If I were a betting man, I'd wager Tuesday will feature the 24th outfield, with Ross activated and in right, Kalish in center, a selection from Nava/McDonald/Podsednik in LF.
I would bet instead on Kalish to AAA (as Ross is activated). Then Nava in LF, Ross in CF, DMac in RF (assuming Pods is unavailble).
LF-Ross, CF-Kalish, RF-Gonzalez, with Youkilis at 1B
Hey! You were right! Unfortunately, I don't have any prizes... just fistfuls of confetti.
They stated last night on TV the Sox have used the most OF's and the most combo's in the league (which was basically a 'no duh' moment). For comparison's sake I would like to know how many different OF and OF combo's the next couple closest teams have used. How far above and beyond have they gone?
Probably a new combo tommorow, too, with Nava and Kalish both starting against a RHP.
I'll do my best to keep this updated as the season progresses.