The baseball world is celebrating Matt Cain's perfect game against the Astros last night. For someone who only a couple of years ago was being questioned by much of the mainstream media for his lack of wins, it's nice to see such an emphatic statement of Cain's true talent. After this perfect game and some of his starts earlier in the year (Cain now has the two best pitched games by Game Score this season), there aren't going to be many people questioning that big contract Cain signed earlier in the year.

But not everyone is celebrating. This was, after all, a perfect game thrown by the San Francisco Giants and, for many Dodgers fans, it's impossible to feel good about anything positive that happens to the orange and black. I know I've already seen some evidence of that from the hardcore Dodgers fans I know.

So my question to all Dodgers fans out there: On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being "the Giants just beat the Dodgers to advance to the World Series" and 10 being "Sandy Koufax just came out of retirement to throw a perfect game at Dodger Stadium", how excited are you by Cain's performance last night? And if you're not a Dodgers or Giants fan, how would you answer this question if your most hated rival had managed the feat instead? Do Red Sox fans remember the perfect games from David Wells and David Cone? How about Mets fans and Roy Halladay's perfecto?