Everyone is familiar with Fred McGriff's endorsement of Tom Emanski's instructional videos that helped deliver back-to-back-to-back AAU titles in the early 90's. It is fine time those videos get an update because the content has become a bit outdated and struggles to keep the viewer's attention. One such creative thinker is Austin Kearns who realizes he is on the wrong side of 30 and that he needs to start thinking about a career after his playing days are over. It was quite clever of him to give everyone a sneak preview into the Austin Kearns Creative Drills series while playing first base for the Miami Marlins

When asked about this unique method of fielding, Kearns replied, "You have to crawl before you can walk. I train kids to field at least 10 balls in play this way before letting them get up on their feet and field it like a major leaguer." He went on to say that, "My results are proven to get an instant reaction from kids, coaches, and parents everywhere."