Oh man, former Oakland manager/current Mets coach Bob Geren was once on Family Feud! Let's all watch the whole thing. 

Highlights as I go. 

Highlight No. 1: One Robinson daughter is called "the hearthrob." The other is, awkwardly, not.

Highlight No. 2: Bob's brother-in-law is named Dude? 

Highlight No. 3: When the Robinson patriarch says "negligee," then makes this face: 

Highlight No. 4: When Bob's sister-in-law must name a country-western singer, can't think of one, and guesses "Van Walen." We should really all be watching more Family Feud, guys.

Highlight No. 5: When it's not his turn, Bob Geren sings a song to himself. 

Highlight No. 6: Grape Pie!

Highlight No. 7: Do you suppose that every time the A's got a hit Bob Geren did this: 

All in all, a strong Feud player, stealing two rounds and staying calm and focused during the bonus round. Strong job, Gerens. Enjoy your $1,000 apiece.

H/T to the radio broadcast of today's Mets game.

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Oh no...I've entered the Youtube-game-show-clip phase of my much for sleeping
What was the date?
Based on Combs' comment, it would have been around 1992
Wait, so since they won, does that mean there's a second episode with the Geren family?