This is what a Giancarlo Stanton home run looks like when it is coming directly at you:

And now, two pictures. One is of a fan I admire a great deal: 

It's the girl in the red shirt. The girl in the red shirt probably feels silly looking at this picture of herself. Don't feel silly, Girl! You are strong and you are smart. When the aliens come, you are the hero of the story who hops into an unattended Jeep and drives quickly away. When the aliens come, the rest of these people are the extras who stare, mouth agape, right up until the laser hatch opens. 

The second picture is of a fan for whom I have great concern: 

Those are, at the bottom of the frame, his hands, reaching for this ball, which got a piece of his fingers. I can almost forgive this fan, in his exuberance, thinking that catching this home run would be worth the pain of catching this home run. I can't, however, forgive him for the delusion that he would actually be able to catch this ball without a glove. He would have a better chance of catching an adorable kitten thrown from an airplane. Awww now why would I go and put that image in your head? 

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I think the girl in the red shirt is actually trying to do the dance from "The Breakfast Club."
I had a chance to catch a Hunter Pence home run opening weekend in Pittsburgh, but I valued my hands and my beer far too much for any opportunity at fleeting glory.
I'm a little surprised the ball didn't just explode into tatters when he hit it...
I had a line drive foul ball clank off my hands one time, it doesn't hurt as much as you think. Your adrenaline kicks in. The mental anguish of watching the ball roll away and down the ramp to anybody willing to bend over and pick it up was unbearable though.
It appears from the gif the hands in question belong to the gentleman in the smedium pink tee. In the screenshot below, he's shown turned around looking for the baseball and hopefully his dignity.
He does one of those "ow ow ow ow ow" dances shortly after
What caught my eye was how quickly the 3B straightened up after Stanton hit the ball. Took him all of a quarter-second to figure it was gone.