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"We're pleased with the progress of the club and the direction through Jeff's leadership."
Larry Beinfest, Marlins general manager, on bringing manager Jeff Torborg back for the 2003 season

"This team has excited me from day one in spring training. We've just had one of those crazy years."
Jeff Toborg, Marlins manager

"He's been a tremendous help to me in my first year as GM. As a rookie GM, it's great to have a veteran manager. I covet my relationship with Jeff."

"Once we get our guys healthy, our pitchers healthy, we can build a team that I feel very good about."


"Don't focus on attendance. That's not the story here. We've got tremendous prospects, an exciting team, and I'm 109% committed to South Florida."
Jeff Loria, Marlins owner

"That's just a number I pulled out of thin air to show it's more than 100%. This club is going in the right direction. Steadfast and straight ahead. I couldn't be happier."
–Loria, asked about the 109% figure

"Because he used to own a minor league team, Jeffrey knows the value of player development. We have some of the best young players in baseball in our system. There's a temptation to rush them, but we're not going to do that."
Jim Fleming, Marlins Director of Development

"They're going to have to deal with C.J. being here next year. If they want to pay me $7 million to play 80 games next year, hey, whatever. I ain't going nowhere."
Charles Johnson, Marlins catcher

"He wasn't real pleased when I said it. He wants to play more, but I don't see that happening."
–Toborg, on informing Johnson of plans to reduce his role


"If you lose 24 one-run games, it means you have a lot of chances. With improvement, we can win a lot of games next season."
Jerry Narron, Rangers manager

"It's not ideal, is it?"
Syd Thrift, Orioles general manager, after the Rochester Red Wings (AAA) ended a 42-year relationship with the Orioles over the poor state of the Orioles minor league system

"We've had a long and proud affiliation with the Orioles, but when we met with the Twins, within the first hour we felt these were people we could believe in."
Naomi Silver, Rochester Red Wings chairman of the board

"We've had an exciting year, even though the record is not what we hoped it would be. If we can be as successful each day as we have for the last 365, then 2003 will be a very pleasant year."

"Suppose [Chris] Singleton hits .330 next year. Everybody is quick to judge. Everybody wants immediate success, and that's one of the cardinal sins of this profession."

"I'm the eternal optimist. If I'd have been captain on the Titanic, I'd have told people, `Don't panic. We're just stopping for ice.'"
Tom Gamboa, Royals coach

"Pitching against the Tigers is like pitching in Class-A ball again. They just hack like crazy. They will swing at anything."
David Wells, Yankees pitcher

"I don't want to subject him to what our fans did to him. I don't think he deserves any treatment like that. What he deserves, if he gets it, is the strikeout record. But people who try to humiliate him–I don't get that."
Jerry Royster, Brewers manager, on the treatment at home of infielder Jose Hernandez as he threatens the single-season strikeout record


"You notice guys who don't have a contract for next year didn't pour anything on the GM!"
Denny Hocking, Twins infielder, on the celebration after clinching the division title

"Go right now and pour a can of beer over your head–you deserve it."
Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager, calling his wife after the game

"Do you miss a toothache?"
Art Howe, Athletics manager, asked if he'd miss playing against Anaheim

"I'm available because it's my job. I feel great, I'm healthy. I made a point to stick my head in there and tell him 'I told you I was all right.'"
Billy Koch, Athletics pitcher, on pitching for the fifth straight night

"I don't think anyone else in here reads the articles that you clowns write as much as I do. I was aware of what this meant."
–Koch, on the last game of the A's-Angels series

"My philosophy on that is still under construction."
Billy Beane, on possibly using a three-man playoff rotation


"That's from my pop-and-lock days, when I used to break-dance on a cardboard box in the mall. I've seen a lot of guys blow out on that rubber stuff. I was lucky because I slid. It was almost like being at Wet 'N Wild."
Paul LoDuca, Dodgers catcher, on a sliding catch of a foul ball that carried him into the dugout

"I've always played sort of kamikaze. I'll probably kill myself one of these days and learn my lesson. But it was probably one of the best plays I've ever made."

"With the momentum I had, I might have killed somebody in the dugout. I was lucky. Any more momentum, I would have hit my head on the bench. Any less momentum, I would have hit the steps. It was fun, though."

"I read 'Gandhi' years ago, and I need more of that Gandhi-type peace. I was really into it, and then those plays happened, and I forgot about Gandhi."
Dusty Baker, Giants manager, who watched the movie "Gandhi" the night before he was ejected for arguing with umpire Mark Hirschbeck


"I don't think we have rampant drug use on our major league team."
Steve Phillips, Mets general manager, on allegations at least seven Mets have used marijuana this season

"It's kind of disturbing if that's the case. I'm not against having fun. For me, it's having a few beers, if you're of age. You have to blow off steam somehow. But you'd think guys at this level would be completely focused on their careers."
Mike Piazza, Mets catcher

"I personally was never into drugs. It's hard enough to play this game if your brain is normal. I don't know if it's a problem on this team. I hope to God it's not. If there's something going on, we need to correct it."
Mo Vaughn, Mets infielder

"We want a drug-free environment for our players at the major-league and minor-league level. Unfortunately, the rules don't allow that right now."

"You've got to weed through it, see what to take seriously."


"It's not my first. Most of my day games end before 10."
Steve Trachsel, Mets pitcher, after a 2:28 game that ended before 10 PM

"I would love to finish my career in Boston, but are you going to stay with a woman who isn't going to love you forever and lets you know it?"
Pedro Martinez, Red Sox pitcher

"I've never seen Alex Cora say anything to anyone for two years. He's a winning baseball player. That's what Alex Cora is."
Jim Tracy, Dodgers manager, after infielder Alex Cora yelled at Padres pitcher Adam Eaton after hitting a home run

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