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Might it be possible to alphabetize the Collateral Damage list, or otherwise put it in some sensible order?
Yes, please! I believe that some of us suggested some organizational ideas a few weeks back. Alphabetical would be good, or perhaps by order of severity of injury, so that those players who are due back shortly are near the top while those who are out for long periods could be at the bottom?

Updates more often would be much appreciated as well.
It's currently sorted by Return Date. You can click any of the headers to have it sort by that column. The only one that doesn't seem to work is player name. I always just sort it by team before looking at it.
If the return date meant anything, sorting by it makes sense. A quick scan of them shows that many are wrong or misleading.

Also, the update on Huff at the top is nice, but would have been hard to update the comment on his specific entry as well?

I really like the potential of the format, and look forward to seeing it as the database gets stronger.
I like how the Advice for all players is "Hold." I know when I'm held during an injury, it always makes me feel better.
I'd like to see it be able to be sorted by comment date. That way the recently commented players can be at the top while those with older comments would be at the bottom. That's how I skim these every day anyway.
I just finished talking with everyone and those changes are coming as people much smarter than I are trying to implement the final details.

The risk and advice recommendations should start to be holding the recommendations, instead of defaulting to Medium and Hold.