I'm very excited to announce that Dan Brooks, Harry Pavlidis, and Brooks Baseball have agreed to team up and join forces with Baseball Prospectus. is the premier site for PITCHf/x analysis and pitch classification. Harry has spent countless hours breaking down the movement, trajectory, and speed of each pitch thrown by every pitcher since 2007, making analysis simple and easy for anyone interested in examining major-league pitching. takes the study of pitching to a new level with unprecedented player cards that allow you to easily parse data any way you want (by month, year, count, and handedness). You can also view a pitcher's career or season totals and explore similarity comparisons based on PITCHf/x results from previous seasons.
In addition to boatloads of data on all your favorite pitchers, Brooks Baseball carves out strikezone maps and presents umpire cards to help you dissect balls and strikes from the past several years.
In the weeks ahead, Brooks Baseball will become more integrated with Baseball Prospectus. We'll share data, brainstorm new ideas, and look for even more ways to enhance the presentation of the data stored in the vaults of Dan's servers. And I'm sure you'll see Brooks and Pavlidis bylines popping up regularly on our home page!
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About time you guys got Harry on board, he's been killing PFX analysis for years! Congrats to both Dan and Harry.
I thought they already were getting their data into I wonder if this is a different level of integration.

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