"Oh, not much, just sittin' around making up some cool baseball names. My favorites? Oh, I guess these are my favorites…" 

Handsome Trickle
Nut Crush
Winsome Hucker
Puppy Cola
Pippin Nipple
Djali Rancher
Cannon Brandish 
Gander Golly
Nuclear Tush
Generous Wallop
Oops Hobnobber
Lyrix Klack
Legend Wompwomp
A.D. Power
Famous Player

The great thing about these names is that they aren't even nicknames! None of them is real, but they also aren't nicknames. 

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Would A.C. Power be better than A.D.?
MLB The Show is fantastic for trying out fictitious baseball names. Currently building a power-hitting 1B named Norwegian Wood.
I remember MVP Baseball '05 had some interesting fictitious names, too. The famous Chin-Feng Swindell was my favorite.
Even made-up nicknames can't beat the all-time great: Oil Can Boyd.

The current state of sports nicknames is a travesty, what with the unimaginative likes of "A-Rod," "D-Wade," and "Car-Go."

Although I'm a bit disappointed that "P-Bo" hasn't yet caught on for Peter Bourjos...
I have to believe "P-Bo" is being held in reserve for Indians 2011 draft pick, Bryson Myles.
Which reminds me of a friend who had a cat named Floyd who unfortunately fell into a can of used motor oil in his garage. After which he was, of course, known as Oil Can Floyd.