There have been many requests for an in-depth explanation of the new Collateral Damage Daily format. Most of the fields in the table are self-explanatory, but there are a few that are not as clear-cut.

  • Date stands for the first day that the player missed time as a result of his injury. Most of the time, players on the disabled list were are placed on the DL retroactive to this date, which makes it easy to tell when their injury occurred, but for day-to-day injuries (coming to CDD soon) the injury date has often been harder to find.
  • AGL stands for average games lost and is automatically calculated from the database. Some of the numbers may seem out of whack, but these are almost always the result of small sample sizes, as in the case of rare facial surgeries.
  • Return is the expected date back; it is calculated from AGL and Date.
  • TAD is the average TAv lost due to the injuries and is a calculated field.
  • Risk is the the risk of injury recurrence.
  • Advice is a buy/sell/hold recommendation going forward. Several things factor into this, including risk of re-injury, expected production, and role on the team.