Have you downloaded the free companion PDF to the best-selling Baseball Prospectus 2012 yet?  Perhaps you don't speak PDF and prefer to take your baseball in hardcopy?  If so, today's your lucky day, as Clutch Performer 2012 is now available in print at  Click here if you want a copy.

The printed version of Clutch Performer 2012 has the same content as the PDF.  You'll get full workups including PECOTA projections, historical stats, and player comments on

Clutch Performer 2012 also comes with the most managerial data we've ever included in one place–our advanced manager statistics for every current MLB manager and recent retiree going all the way back to the 1970s, plus manager comments from Baseball Prospectus 2009 through the current edition.  There's a lot of other good stuff in here as well–please see the original Clutch Performer 2012 announcement or the PDF itself to see what else is included.

The hard copy is $5.00 from, and the PDF remains free.

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I miss having a place to respond to, and ask questions about, articles in Extra Innings and even the Best of books. Like I am searching for the formula to determine if Mark Reynolds, given his home runs and his errors, is a plus for the Orioles. His fielding is appalling. But how can you sneeze at 37 home runs?
have a look at the Clutch Performer pdf, Agent007. The statistical introduction will give you an overview of WARP and its various components. Thanks.