Baseball Prospectus is hiring. There are currently two positions open for detail-oriented people with SQL expertise and strong written communication skills. Familiarity with advanced baseball statistics is a big plus. The work will be remote and the hours very flexible, with a minimum expectation of about 20 hours/week.


The following skills will be the primary requirements:

  • MySQL or other SQL experience.

  • Extensive Technical Writing experience (samples highly recommended), ideally including code documentation.

Strong candidates will also offer some of the following:

  • Experience as a technical trainer, with a focus on communicating advanced concepts in a manner that can be understood by people unfamiliar with the concepts.

  • Use of graphical props in technical writing (such as graphs, flowcharts, data diagrams, etc.)

  • Experience working with Retrosheet and PITCHf/x data.

  • Experience with UNIX

  • Experience designing web applications in PHP (or another similar language) using MySQL.

Please submit resume and portfolio to with email subject "Baseball Prospectus Technical Applicant." Only independently productive individuals need apply. If applicable, send a portfolio with samples or links to the work you've done (both technical and writing/documentation). It doesn't have to be professional or about baseball.  

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Response has been fantastic, and we will officially stop accepting submissions today. Though, for practical matters, anyone interested in the position should still send their particulars this weekend.