As the comments on my last post prove, a clear issue with the video released Monday of the new Miami Marlins home run sculpture coming to life was the lack of stadium celebration music being played in the background. Without it, we weren't getting the full "Marlins Park experience" with their brand new, beyond-unique home run feature.

I heard your complaints and took it upon myself to help us get closer to what might be the full Marlins Park experience two weeks early. Watch the video below to see the home run sculpture's performance, as set to some potential celebratory tunes. Sure, some (Gloria Estefan, "Magnum, P.I.") might be more likely than others ("Mad Men", "Arrested Development"), but we have to think outside the box on these things. Clearly the Marlins were!

Personally, my favorite is the "Game of Thrones" intro, but I'm also really partial to the Star Wars Cantina Band as well. Both seem to match it in a completely unforeseen way, though that can probably be said for each of the songs.

Whatever music the Marlins decide on, I imagine I'll be quite happy with it. After all, look at the spectacle that it'll be accompanying!

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They're all so great! I love the "Mad Men" - the contrast b/t the music and visual spectacle is marvelously bizarre... add in that's what would be seen/heard after a home run is hit and we're on the next level, friends.
Gaudy, garish, tasteless - I kind of like it. And what, no Miami Vice theme?
Miami Vice was definitely one I thought about. I didn't include it for two reasons: 1) I wasn't sure if it was recognizable enough anymore and 2) more importantly, I forgot to give it a chance when I finally got down to the video part. Sadly, I also forgot to include Danger Zone, which I think would have been awesome for it.
I think Daft Punk's "One More Time" would be perfect
I think Yakety Sax would be fitting.
Maybe "It's 5:00 Somewhere" by Jimmy Buffett?
As an avid Star Wars fan, I feel it is important that "The Catina Band" gets it's full name out there: Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. This comment may be the most perfect example of why I don't have a girlfriend.
My wife votes for Gloria Estefan. Cantina Band is the runner up.
The Cantina Band is my overwhelming favorite. I laughed so hard that I may have peed myself a little. You could even stick Greedo in there somewhere and he wouldn't look out of place.