The fourth and FINAL top prospects compilation update of the year is now available. I have linked to the new file below. The Excel workbook contains tabs at the bottom representing each of the league’s divisions as well as a tab for top 100 lists and positional analysis.

This update contains even more team specific top ten lists as well as the last group of top 100s. Special thanks goes out to Mr. Kevin Greenstein (NOT Goldstein), once again, for pulling together the top 100 lists and creating a sortable matrix. Many of you have asked for this, so now you have it, thanks to Kevin.

A few notes about the top 100 matrix:

  • We decided not to calculate a weighted composite ranking. It's not for us to judge whose rankings should be scored higher than others. Feel free to do that on your own.
  • Some top 100 lists were published prior to the official signings of Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes.
  • Players that were not included on an individual's top 100 list were assigned the number 105 as a placeholder.

As usual, if you find any errors or omissions or have any other comments or suggestions, please email me at I hope the compilation proved helpful again in analyzing the league's top prospects this year.


2011-2012 Top Prospect Lists – March 25, 2012


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The dobber list is still out of date, I only notice because it's offensive, heh.
I used what was originally posted. If a list continues to change, that's up to the author of the site. We can't go back and continue to record a single site's updates. If it's offensive, I would ignore it :)
Will do, not really using the sheet at all just noticed the craziness with Profar last time and had to see how someone could justify that, heh.
Thanks for doing this.
You the man Joe!!!
The link no longer is working.