Just a quick show as I get ready to hop a plane for a few days in Arizona. We go through your email, and then after receiving a lot of comments about the Jairo Beras situation we bring on our good friend Jorge Arangure to discuss what exactly goes on with Dominican signings and age investigations. Then it's the goofy stuff, including an outstanding musical guest. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 86: "I Was Really Into Juicy Juice"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Here's what we're going to do
2:37 Housekeeping
3:29 Emails
30:00 Special Guest: Jorge Arangure (@jorgearangure) on the Jairo Beras situation and what's going on in the Dominican
54:47 Musical Guests: Isotopes (@isotopes)
57:28 What Are You Drinking?
1:00:36 By the time I get to Arizona

Music is by Isotopes, from the EP Heatseeker, courtesy of the artist.


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Updating the "Under 2 Hours" list last seen in Episode 71's comments:

Here's a list of all 19 under-two-hour Episodes*, according to the time on the BP Podcast post for each Episode, in order of increasing time:

Episode 86 (1:06:30) new shortest full episode ever!
Episode 2 (1:18:59)
Episode 64 (1:29:13)
Episode .9 (1:29:51)
Episode 67 (1:30:30)
Episode 51 (1:40:11)
Episode 43 (1:43:10)
Episode 41 (1:43:41)
Episode 8 (1:45:54)
Episode 68 (1:47:23)
Episode 71 (1:48:00)
Episode 76 (1:48:47)
Episode 11 (1:52:49)
Episode 83 (1:53:01)
Episode 81 (1:54:50)
Episode 77 (1:55:36)
Episode 6 (1:57:21)
Episode 34 (1:57:34)
Episode 3 (1:58:58)

Episodes 76 and 77 join episodes since 67 and 68 (if you ignore 67.5) and 2 and 3 as the only back-to-back under 2 hour episodes. In base-10 series, the 70s and 80s join the 60s and the single digits as having the most under 2 hour episodes (3 in each).

*Technically speaking, the list should include:
Episode 28.1 (18:46)
Episode 75.1 (21:56)
Episode 75.3 (24:35)
Episode 75.2 (26:56)
Episode 67.5 (40:28)
Episode 74 (57:24)
BUT none of these followed the "typical" format (Housekeeping - Emails - Special Guest - Musical Guest - What Are You Drinking - End), so I excluded these six from the list. YMMV.
So what does PECOTA say for episode 87?
That last song had me thinking:

Does Rey Ordonez and his sexy glove get into the "KG Baseball Hall of Fame?" According to Kevin's criteria, he seems like a shoo-in.