So you may have heard a few rumblings about BP trying to put together a little spring training gathering. Well the rumors are true!

On Saturday, March 17 at 6:00 PM, Baseball Prospectus will be hosting "Beer, BBQ & Baseball" at Jason Parks' spring training rental home in Surprise, Arizona. Those scheduled to attend include Jason Parks (of course), Patricia, Kevin Goldstein, Jay Jaffe, Derek Carty, Geoff Young, Daniel Rathman, Joe Hamrahi (me), Cory Schwartz from, Gary Gillette from SABR, Jason Cole from Lone Star Dugout, Jorge Arangure from ESPN the Magazine, Jeff Passan from Yahoo! Sports, and heralded baseball analyst, Voros McCracken. There's always the possibility that more industry people will join us as well.

This very casual and intimate event will include fine beer selected by Jay Jaffe, top choice meats grilled by the two Jasons, and plenty of prospect, fantasy, JAWS, and DIPS talk from your expert hosts. And it's all FREE! That's right, the entire event will be sponsored by Baseball Prospectus, meaning nobody has to pay.

The catch? Well, there is a limit to the amount of people we can fit comfortably into Jason's house. If you live in the Phoenix area, are in town for spring training, or will be looking for something to do at the conclusion of the SABR Analytics Conference (March 15-17) and would like to attend this once in a lifetime event, you must email me at by Tuesday, March 14 to reserve your spot. We will accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis, and once we reach 25-30 guests, the event will be closed.

So don't waste any time. Take your place in line now for what promises to be a fun and exciting night with Baseball Prospectus!


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Hope you take some photos. Please.
Why do I picture a raggedy old RV when you refer to; 'Jason Park's spring training rental home in Surprise, Arizona.' Needless to say, I'm sorry to miss it.
This would make the greatest TV show ever!
Given Jason's glowing descriptions of his "rental home" during the Up and In podcasts, this really will be a memorable event. I just want to know if Jason and Jay come to an agreement on the beer selection. In the post event report, we definitely need to know what they were drinking.
Different rental home. The new place is very nice. The old place was crap.
What kind of fruit beer will Jay be bringing to accommodate Kevin?
Trying to decide between Grape Ape IPA and Strawberry Shortcake Lager
Bring him a six-pack of Zima and a bag of blueberries
Just find a tape recorder, put it on top of the fridge or next to the BBQ, and just leave it on record. Up and In episode 86.
Please include a report on the communal fondue.
The Beer, BBQ and Baseball bash is now full. You may still email me to put your name on the standby list. If something opens up, I will contact you. Thank you to all those who responded. And don't worry, there will be plenty of events around the country (and maybe even in Toronto) this year.
Hi. Please come to Toronto. That would be great. We will forgive you in person for the diminutive Lineouts section in this year's annual (and here I would insert a smiley if I were the type of person who used smileys).