Baseball Prospectus is looking for interns for 2012, specifically for the spring and summer academic quarters (or immediately, if available now). Before applying, please ensure that you can devote at least 10 hours per week to tasks including, but not limited to, interesting and rewarding baseball stuff. Internships are unpaid aside from the famous free Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription for life, and you must receive college credit for your internship. Please be sure your application email mentions the period during which you wish to work.

Baseball Prospectus interns have the opportunity to do great things. Editorial interns will immediately contribute to the operations of a site that publishes dozens of articles per week. Technical interns can lead lasting, important projects, as former BP super-intern Ben Murphy did with the Player Forecast Manager. Many interns have contributed bylined content during their internships, and others have worked extensively on Baseball Prospectus book projects. One former intern was just named Managing Editor. Basically, become an intern, and before long, you could have my job. (Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't even be posting this.) Baseball Prospectus interns have also gone on to work part- or full-time elsewhere in the baseball industry, and there are many former Baseball Prospectus interns in front offices around the major leagues.
Here are the three types of interns we're recruiting. If you want to be another type of internIntern Who Eats Ice Cream, let's sayyou'll have to convince us that we overlooked an important fourth type. 
Strong editorial intern candidates will offer many of the following:
  • English, History, or Journalism background. You might not get a job anywhere else after college, so make the most of your educational choices now. (Kidding, mostly. I was an English major, so I can make that joke.)
  • An interest in writing and editing and an awareness of good grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Solid writing samples.
  • Interest in doing research, whether it be of an internet or library nature.
  • Familiarity with Excel, HTML, XML a plus.
  • Desktop publishing experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of and interest in baseball are important, of course.
Please submit resume and writing sample to with email subject "Editorial Intern Applicant."
Strong technical intern candidates will offer many of the following:
  • MySQL or other SQL experience. 
  • Graphic design, primarily Web Style Sheet (CSS) experience. 
  • HTML/JavaScript experience. 
  • PHP experience. 
  • Experience in production of websites, applications, and utilities. 
  • Mobile device (primarily iPhone and Android) application development experience. 
  • Facebook App or OpenSocial development experience.

Please submit resume and portfolio to with email subject "Technical Intern Applicant." We want independently productive individuals. If applicable, send us a portfolio with samples of or links to the stuff you've done. It doesn't have to be professional or about baseball.  


Strong Retrosheet intern candidates will offer the following:

  • A high level of familiarity with the Retrosheet scoring system and comfort editing text files with game accounts for accuracy.

Please submit resume and summary of any experience with Retrosheet to with email subject "Retrosheet Intern Applicant."

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I, for one, would like to know the name and address of the institution that will provide college credit for eating ice cream, so I can audit a class there immediately, preferably one that involves eating ice cream. Please be sure to let us know, Ben - what a service to the readers so early in your E-i-C tenure!
What about for the millions of poor English majors who have graduated but still don't have jobs? Do you have any resume-padding opportunities for them?
We can look at these case-by-case--email with your info and tell us what you are interested in doing.
Thanks for the reply, Dave- I was asking for a friend ;) but I'll pass on the info!
Back when Ben applied, I don't believe college credit was needed just that the applicant was going to some kind of college (whether undergrad or grad).
I can't speak for Ben L specifically, but back when I was an intern in 2004 or so, college credit was a required component.
I know one time around 2005 or so when I was going for a Masters in Education and applied it wasn't since I had asked about it.