The third top prospects compilation update of the year is now available. I have linked to the new file below. The Excel workbook contains tabs at the bottom representing each of the league’s divisions as well as a tab for top 100 lists and positional analysis.

This update contains a few more team specific top ten lists as well as a couple more top 100s. The biggest addition, however, comes via the contribution of one of our very enthusiastic and talented readers, Mr. Kevin Greenstein (NOT Goldstein). KG2.0 pulled together the top 100 lists and created a sortable matrix! Many of you have asked for this, so now you have it, thanks to Kevin.

Once we're confident all top 100 lists have been published, Kevin will calculate a weighted composite ranking that we'll share with everyone. Thank you Kevin!

As usual, if you find any errors or omissions, would like to recommend a ranking source, or have any other comments or suggestions, please email me at


2011-2012 Top Prospect Lists – February 29, 2012