"It’s an absolute shock. He has never even had a twinge in his shoulder or elbow."

Jeff Torborg, Marlins manager, on A.J. Burnett‘s "acute bone
bruise" that may sideline him for the season

"We didn’t see this coming. He has been a workhorse all year. He has been terrific."

Larry Beinfest, Marlins GM

"We would never do anything to hurt him. With the future the guy’s got? No way."


"Joe (Kennedy) experienced some tired arm and he didn’t throw well. It’s understandable
because he’s pitching deep into ballgames and he’s had more pitches and innings this year
than he’s ever had."

Hal McRae, Devil Rays manager

"The arm really starts to stress after 95 and the closer you get to 100 pitches. To try
to stretch him or tax him in his first year back makes absolutely no sense. There’s no way
he was going back out there. We had an agreement right from the start. I told him I didn’t
care if he was throwing a no-hitter. When he gets to that point, he’s coming out. The
consideration is what’s best for this organization and this kid’s career, not a complete

Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager, on pulling pitcher Kris Benson,
who had arm surgery last season


"I feel like I’m in an Expo uniform again. I saw every single person in the stadium on
the big screen at least twice tonight. They’ve got the same promotion here they had in
Montreal: dress up like an empty seat and get in free."

Larry Walker, Rockies outfielder, on Marlins attendance


"I’ll be prepared to sit out a season."

John Moores, Padres owner, on his reaction to a strike by players

"I won’t like it, but I’m prepared to do it. I’m not going to be a part of a crazy
system where we have to keep raising ticket prices."


"I absolutely hate to strike out. I hate it. It’s embarrassing to me. Sometimes I’ll
make a weak out just because I hate to strike out. I could be a better hitter if I struck
out more, but I get embarrassed walking back to the dugout after a strikeout."

Gary Sheffield, Braves outfielder

"It really bothers me that the players are getting all the blame for this. They’re
only doing what they have to do."

Joe Torre, Yankee manager

"I don’t mind if somebody breaks the record but I hope it’s not somebody like Big
Unit [Randy Johnson] or Curt Schilling. Guys like that are going to have a lot of other
records. I hope it’s somebody like Kirk Rueter. I’ll gladly share it with somebody like

Jim Deshaies, former pitcher, who struck out a record eight Dodgers to
start a game while pitching for the Astros

"They knew what they got into when they came here. I hate to say it, but if you
can’t handle it, get out."

Phil Nevin, Padres infielder and union executive board member

"Phil’s a union member. They do what Donald Fehr tells them to do. They’d be
running the bases backward from now on if Donald Fehr asked them to."



"I guess without the two guys getting on in the first, it was a pretty good game."

Cory Lidle, Athletics pitcher, on a one-hit, one-walk complete game
shutout in which he struck out eight

"It’s sort of like the Braves situation a few years ago, when they ran through the
league like rabid dogs."

Billy Koch, Athletics pitcher

"That’s E, man. He says he feels bad and hits bombs. Keep feeling bad, Eric."

Thad Bosley, Athletics hitting coach, on infielder Eric Chavez


"He’s probably the best player in the league with all he does. As far as the MVP,
his numbers stand out."

–Torre, on Rangers infielder Alex Rodriguez

"It’s obviously the ultimate compliment from a Hall of Fame manager and somebody
who’s as classy as anybody."

Alex Rodriguez, Rangers infielder


"This happens, and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’"

Josh Towers, Orioles farmhand, after injuring his pitching elbow after
being hit in a swimming pool by another diver

"Tonight is one of those lessons that you learn from the first day you play baseball
on. This is a game of chance. There’s a chance you are going to get the guy out and a
chance you aren’t. If everything went right all the time, it just wouldn’t be fun. There
are reality checks to this game. Tonight was one of those."

Danny Kolb, Rangers pitcher

"I think Neifi has worked very hard. He comes to the ballpark every day and gives
110 percent. But he has struggled offensively. I think he has pressed a lot. And by
pressing, you get in a hole that is sometimes very difficult to get out of."

Allard Baird, Royals GM, on infielder Neifi Perez

"Sometimes the fans just see ‘E6’, but they don’t know how difficult a play was.
They’re just fans. Sometimes, they don’t know about baseball. It doesn’t bother me.
When I make a nice play, the same guy who has been yelling at me will cheer me."

Neifi Perez, Royals infielder, on being booed by Royals fans

"Not to take anything away from Shawn Green, but [Gagne] is probably the biggest
reason we’re where we are today. He gives us the feel late in games that we’re going
to win. And this could be something huge going on for a long time. With his attitude
and mentality, he has a chance to break some records. I know it’s early, but I know
greatness when I see it."

Marquis Grissom, Dodgers outfielder

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