Over in a thread at Baseball Think Factory yesterday discussing John Thorn's latest blog post about the history of "Who's On First?", one commenterVoros McCracken, no less! – pointed out an old "Kids In the Hall" skit I had never seen before. In it, vaudevillian Kevin McDonald is paired with Dave Foley, the worst straight man in history, as they try to work on some classic bits, including the famous "Who's On First?".

With my two favorite "Kids In the Hall" performers giving their take on such a famous baseball bit, I have no choice but to share it here ("Who's On First?" starts at ~1:45 if you want to skip right to it):

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Good stuff as always larry (this note is intended for the editoral staff) BUT, isn't BP Unfiltered designed not just for your excellent articles, but really for a quick note on major news of the day???? say a trade between 2 of the top 10 young players/prospects in baseball?
I'm pretty sure that they'll give that trade (as well as the Kuroda signing) the full rigmarole on Monday.
Gigantic KITH fan here, and I'd forgotten about the skit. So I found the season DVD and watched the whole thing all over again...Thanks Larry! PS -- I (heart) Dave Foley!