And we're back from the holiday break, and while there hasn't been much baseball news, there's still two hours of yammering. After going through your emails, featuring our new proven successful dating advice, we settle in for an hour or so of intense prospect talk, and then we're joined by multi-media superstar Jay Jaffe to talk about Hall of Fame voting and what lies ahead in the controversial 2013 class. Then we have the usual goofy stuff, including our longest What Are You Drinking segment ever, as Jason gets mad.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 78: "The Pocket"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome, I'm not in Chicago
2:57 Housekeeping
4:07 Email
38:34 Reviewing the Marlins Top 11
45:50 Reviewing the Rockies Top 11
55:58 Reviewing the A's Top 11
1:09:36 Reviewing the Mets Top 11
1:18:34 What could go wrong with the Rangers
1:28:32 4A hitters: man or myth?
1:33:39 Special Guest: Jay Jaffe on Hall of Fame voting and what lies ahead
2:00:21 Musical Guest: The Asteroid Shop
2:01:52 What Are You Drinking?
2:13:27 Cooking With The Professor: When Things Go Wrong
2:16:02 Interviewing yourself and the week ahead

Music is by The Asteroid Shop, courtesy of the artist, all rights reserved.

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2.5 hours! YES.
I think the name you guys and Jay were struggling to come up with while discussing the hitter with proper credentials that everyone thinks is probably clean coming up on a HOF ballot shortly is Frank Thomas.
2.5 hours. NO! I really think an editor is needed. Podcasts should not be longer than The Tree Of Life.
The podcast is so much better than the Tree of Life.
Hold on, The Tree of Life is much better upon a 2nd viewing. Check out Valhalla Rising to cleanse your palate.
BP podcasts are the best 2.5 hours of the week
Who won the 2011 prediction contest? The URL was