"We're going to try to put something together and show people what we're made of. Everybody knew what we were about when we were losing because we were all over TV and all over the newspapers. This is our moment to show people what we're really made of." 
Hal McRae, Devil Rays manager, after his team ended a 15-game losing streak

"I'm supposed to be the closer, I'm supposed to get three guys out. But that's not what's been happening. I have to get more than three guys out every other time. I did it in all of April and now through May and it's still the same." 
Kelvim Escobar, Blue Jays pitcher, on his multi-inning use

"I was very happy this year to come into the season as the closer. Now, I have to get five outs, six outs every day to get a save? What kind of [expletive] is that?" 

"I want what's best for the team. But I have to protect myself. If I get hurt, they're not going to protect me. It's not my fault they don't have a veteran righty in the bullpen." 

"It's been made obvious that we can't let him go more than one inning." 
Buck Martinez, Blue Jays manager

"If there is a save situation out there to be had, I don't care if BK has thrown 20 days in a row." 
Bob Brenly, Diamondbacks manager, on using pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim on four consecutive days


"They taught me how to play baseball here in Oakland. They taught me how to have fun. I don't miss playing in Kansas City. I miss Oakland." 
Johnny Damon, Red Sox outfielder, on returning to Oakland

"The way we were swinging the bats on the road trip, we could have been playing on the moon and we still would have been scoring runs. Probably more, because there's no gravity on the moon." 
Mike Scioscia, Angels manager, on his team's road hitting

"Just swing at strikes. He's got a good approach and he's swinging fine. He's just not swinging at good pitches." 
Terry Pendleton, Braves hitting coach, on catcher Javy Lopez

"I'll never forget walking down the tunnel (to the dugout) at the start of the game and hearing the fans — not the ones in the stands, the ones hanging from the ceiling." 
Larry Walker, Rockies outfielder, on returning to Olympic Stadium


"I don't think this leads to questioning the direction of the club. I think to a man, everybody is not only pleased but excited about the direction of the club." 
Chuck LaMar, Tampa Bay GM, with the losing streak at 13 games

"We need to pitch better, hit better and play better defense. Aside from that, we're fine." 
Joe Torre, Yankees manager

"They'll probably have doubts about next year." 
Grady Little, Red Sox manager, on whether Boston fans would worry less if the Red Sox won the World Series


"He turned three shades of green. We didn't know whether to let him play or bury him right there." 
Stan Conte, Giants trainer, on infielder David Bell's flu symptoms

"It's awesome to be around Rickey, he's the greatest. He keeps the clubhouse loose. He doesn't remember everyone's names or anything, but that's Rickey. He was a great addition for us." 
–Damon, on teammate Rickey Henderson

"Mondesi has great instincts. Nine times out of 10 he's going to be safe when he does something." 
Buck Martinez, after outfielder Raul Mondesi managed a home run on a shallow pop-up lost in the sun by Athletics outfielder Terrence Long

"I don't want to hear that I have chronic back problems. It's fine now and I'll go on and make the rest of my starts, unless I get hit by a train or cut my fingers off mowing my lawn." 
Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks pitcher

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