We had no time for guests. We just wanted to do a quick show and talk about some off-season beginnings and a lot of prospects. How it ended this long we're not sure. We're both talkers, and let's face it, tales a clowns and blood have to be included. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 71: "80 Grade Clown"

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Skype Voicemail: kingclipon

Table Of Contents

0:00 Howdy, Sarge

2:25 Housekeeping

3:58 Emails

35:22 Quick World Series Wrap and the end of the LaRussa era

41:09 Do the GM shuffle

43:22 Focusing on free agents (lots of C.J. Wilson/Yu Darvish talk)

49:15 Let's talk about Tigers prospects

52:34 Let's talk about Rockies prospects

56:28 Let's talk about Indians prospects

59:46 Let's talk about Reds prospects

1:04:47 Let's talk about White Sox prospects (because we have to)

1:09:40 Reviewing the Astros Top 11

1:15:30 Reviewing the Twins Top 11

1:26:35 Musical Guest: Waxahatchee

1:28:09 What Are You Drinking?

1:31:26 Halloween tales of clowns, blood and possums

1:41:04 Winter recipe update

1:42:07 The Week Ahead

Music is by Waxahatchee, from the album American Weekend, courtesy of Don Giovanni Records.

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Updating the "Under 2 Hours" list from Episode 67's comments*:

Here's a list of all 14 under-two-hour Episodes, according to the time on the BP Podcast post for each Episode, in order of increasing time:

Episode 2 (1:18:59)
Episode 64 (1:29:13)
Episode .9 (1:29:51)
Episode 67 (1:30:30)
Episode 51 (1:40:11)
Episode 43 (1:43:10)
Episode 41 (1:43:41)
Episode 8 (1:45:54)
Episode 68 (1:47:23)
Episode 71 (1:48:00)
Episode 11 (1:52:49)
Episode 6 (1:57:21)
Episode 34 (1:57:34)
Episode 3 (1:58:58)

Episodes 67 and 68, if you consider them "back-to-back" (i.e., you ignore 67.5), are the first two back-to-back** episodes since 2 and 3 to be back-to-back under 2 hour episodes. The 60s also had the most under 2 hour episodes since the single digits. I hope this just means you both have been super busy, and that you're not getting bored!

(Technically speaking, Episode 28.1 is the shortest ever (18:46), followed by 67.5 (40:28), but since neither followed the "typical" format, I excluded them from this analysis. YMMV.)

*hesshaun, I replied to you under Episode 64, but figured I'd say something here, too. I had no idea there was one page listing all the episodes with their times, so I actually went page by page using the "Previous Column" feature and recorded them all manually. Took me about 25 minutes the first time. Of course, its now very easy to update. Wish I had known about the single page listing!

**John Sterling's voice adds, "and belly-to-belly!"

Now, can we create a Google Doc index of episodes so that we can catalog on which podcast Altuve was mentioned, or Texas Chili was discussed, or I appeared as listener of the week?

If someone set up the framework (spreadsheet?), we could all add to it.
Re: LaRussa lives where? TLR still lives in East Bay Cali somewhere around where I grew up in Concord CA I think. Pretty sure he owns an animal shelter in Concord. I ran into him once at the CompUSA in Concord in 1998 or 1999 during the offseason I think. He was much taller than I expected. Because of this, I didn't realize it was him until he was gone.
Former P.S. Eliot on the BP podcast? Worlds I never thought would collide, this is so bizarre.
You know?
I saw P.S. Eliot in Gainesville a couple of years back, really fun live. You guys usually feature artists on Don Giovanni records, is there some kind of an affiliation that you have with them?

Sorry to pry, I just think it's really neat