Hey! Look! It's a normal sized show! Jason and I go through the email, talk about Theo, the CBA announcement that wasn't, and plenty of prospect before being joined by friend of the show Andy McCullough of the Newark Star Ledger who talks to us about the World Series, and what it's like to cover one. Then it's extended goofy stuff with dueling That Just Happened stories. Please note that there are some audio issue that I did my best to address, as my audio levels fluctuated for unknown reasons. It's not perfect, but the only other option was now show, and as always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 70: "The Real Life Bimbo Bear"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 My name is, his name is

2:54 Housekeeping

4:04 Email

35:05 Agents and porn stars

38:18 Theo is in Chicago

40:00 What happened to our CBA announcement?

45:42 Let's talk about Dodgers prospects

51:48 Let's talk about Angels prospects

55:00 Let's talk about Royals prospects

1:00:31 Let's talk about Astros prospects

1:03:48 Let's talk about Marlins prospects

1:09:47 Special Guest: Andy McCullough (@Ledger_NYMets) on covering the 2011 World Series

1:38:34 Musical Guest: Ella Minnow (@ellaminnowmusic)

1:40:04 What Are You Drinking?

1:42:02 That Just Happened: Soccer, Mexico and 100,000 people

1:52:48 That Just Happened: There's a satellite truck at my house

2:03:55 Cooking With The Professor: Send us your winter recipes

2:06:03 The Week Ahead

Music is by Ella Minnow, courtesy of the artist, all rights reserved.