Internet Baseball Awards

Because of the intense demand for the feature hinted at in my previous blog post, we've converted the Internet Baseball Awards to a ballot view and allowed voters to make their ballots public and share them with their friends and loved ones.

As soon as you make your first set of votes, instead of being returned to the IBA home page, you'll be taken to your ballot. Here's mine:

At the top of the ballot is your identifying information and the yellow sharing box. The name displayed on your ballot is your Display Name–you can click 'manage your profile' in the blue login bar on any BP page (or click here) to change it.

You can forward the URL of your ballot, which is found in the sharing box–mine is If you're the retiring sort, are ashamed of your ballot, or otherwise want to keep our relationship on the down-low, you may use the link at the bottom of this box to make your ballot unavailable to the public.

As a reminder, this year we're giving out free Baseball Prospectus Premium subscriptions or extensions to a few lucky voters. We've also got PDFs of our other sports annuals to give away–we'll be giving out copies of your choice of Hockey Prospectus or the forthcoming College Basketball Prospectus to a few lucky voters.

Balloting concludes Friday, October 21 at 11:00PM PST. Click here to cast your vote or access your ballot.