"I’ve always said that people get voted into the
All-Star Game who probably don’t deserve to be there
… and it looks like that’s going to happen to me
this year."

Larry Walker, Rockies outfielder

"If you ask some ballplayers around the game,
they’d love to have those days off instead. It really
doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. If it
happens, it happens."

Devon White, Diamondbacks outfielder

"I want to play in the All-Star Game. I don’t
think about it. I’ll just play every day hard and see
what happens. I’m not going to put any pressure on

Edgar Renteria, Marlins infielder


"I truly believe that [blacks] may not have some
of the necessities to be, let’s say, a field manager,
or perhaps a general manager."

Al Campanis, former Dodgers GM, from the
infamous 1987 interview

"I’m very saddened to learn of Al’s passing. He
certainly was a devoted baseball man who devoted many
years to the game and to the Dodgers organization and
he made a lot of contributions to baseball as well as
the Dodgers."

Bud Selig, acting commissioner

"The remarks he made, that’s something that will
always be associated with him and his name. But I think
he’ll be remembered more for what he did for baseball."

Frank Robinson, special consultant to the

"I knew Al for 45 years. I knew him exceptionally
well, and he didn’t have a racist bone in his body."

Vin Scully, broadcaster


"Any time I have two-run lead, I think the game is

Jeff Shaw, Reds pitcher

"Before my career is over, I will pitch in a game.
Trust me."

Todd Helton, Rockies infielder

"I believe I could reach 30-30 two or three more
times in my career and maybe 40-40 once. If I’m at
25-25 by the All-Star break, I could do it this year.
I think I might even have one more 40-homer and 130-RBI

Jose Canseco, Blue Jays outfielder

"We’ve been playing some pretty good baseball. We’re
a resilient club, and that’s a good feeling to have this
early in the season."

Jeff Bagwell, Astros infielder


"It’s kind of bad for pitchers when [Charles
Johnson is] around because you don’t learn the
so-called art of holding the runner on because you
don’t need to."

Robb Nen, Giants pitcher

"Now that I’m here [in the majors], my objective
is to stay here as long as I can and pitch as well as
I can. Maybe it’s just to the end of this year. That’s
great. If it’s another year, even greater."

Dave Stieb, Blue Jays pitcher

"In some ways you can say even as bad as I’ve
felt, I’m still projected to drive in 74 runs."

Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles infielder

"I felt in control and felt confident. I really
didn’t go into the game thinking shutout by any

Dave Mlicki, Dodgers pitcher, on throwing a
shutout at Coors Field

"[Sammy Sosa is] one of those guys that, when he
swings and misses, you can hear it on the mound. There
aren’t many guys like that."

Brad Woodall, Brewers pitcher

"We agreed to give Todd [Hundley] a no-trade
provision for the remainder of the 1998 season. As
we’ve stated throughout, our No. 1 priority is to make
this work with Todd Hundley on this team and Mike
Piazza on this team and John Olerud."

Steve Phillips, Mets GM

"It’s the exception when young pitchers don’t
struggle. It’s why we like to get them as much
experience as we can while not rushing them. That way,
their feet are on the ground when we’re ready to really
make a move."

Randy Smith, Tigers GM

"Sometimes you have a tendency to want to glove
balls instead of blocking them with your chest. Instead
of trusting your gear, sometimes you want to catch it,
and sometimes that gets you in trouble. Really, a glove
is just to keep the ball from going in between your

Charles Johnson, Dodgers catcher

"Any time you add a horse like Kevin Brown to your
staff, it takes a lot of pressure off the other guys."

Bruce Bochy, Padres manager

"Last year, I was in a situation where I was
swinging at every pitch. This year I have a different

Sammy Sosa, Cubs outfielder

"The whole season hasn’t gone the way anyone has
liked to. I’m no different. I’m not having problems out
there to the point where I shouldn’t be out there."

Ken Cloude, Mariners pitcher

"The game is all frame of mind. Any time you let
the game get into your mind, you’re going to get into

Rickey Henderson, A’s outfielder

"I love to play the Yankees for one reason: for
revenge, the payback."

Javy Lopez, Braves catcher

"This team is unlike any I’ve ever played on.
It’s like a machine with the way it goes out and
approaches the game. We’re just blessed to have so
many professionals."

Chuck Knoblauch, Yankees infielder

"It’s amazing what getting out on the golf course
can do, allowing you to relax and get your mind off
things for awhile."

Andy Benes, Diamondbacks pitcher

"The schedule this year is ridiculous. It wears on
you. I’m young, and my body is a wreck. Imagine a guy
like Rickey [Henderson]. Imagine how he feels."

Jason Giambi, A’s infielder

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