Dinosaur Comics, September 21, 2011 (Click the image for the full-size)

"Dinosaur Comics" is one of my favorite daily destinations on the internet. Drawn by Toronto-native Ryan North, the strip is a bit different than most other strips that you'll read in that a) the comic art never changes and b) the dinosaurs tend to talk about some very esoteric things. It doesn't work for everyone, I know, but those who do like it, love it.

Today, T-Rex and his pals are discussing our favorite topic (baseball, of course) from a purely-descriptive form. Sadly, as Utahraptor points out, this abstract approach does not do the sport justice and it comes across as rather boring. If only T-Rex had thought about it more – a different phrasing could very well convince him that baseball is the greatest game ever. A different phrasing like this, perhaps:

BASEBALL – As it is played: You and your compatriots stand alert in a field, waiting to defend against enemy attacks. Suddenly, a projectile is hurtling at you at immense speeds. You must run and track down this small, powerful object before it does damage to your field (or even your body). When you do, you immediately turn around and hurtle the object back at the opposition at great speeds, attempting to punish him for running through your territory. If you fail, you and your squad are irreparably damaged, with your only recourse being to return the favor.

It's not perfect, but it's just as accurate – and much more exciting – than T-Rex's original observation.

According to the rumormill of the internet, this is one of the new Miami Marlins logos for the 2012 season. There has been no official word from the club on the validity of these claims. Many don't believe the rumor; others seem to think that it might be a potential logo being intentionally leaked by the team to gauge public reaction. If the latter is the case, expect the team to denounce the logo very shortly because public reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. The colors, the stylized Marlin, the weird font choice on the multi-colored "M" – people do not like this.

Personally, I think the concept is interesting – I like the stylized Marlin and the color scheme goes with the new stadium opening next year – but the execution is terrible. We won't know for sure what the club's new logos are until the official unveiling in November, but, if this is one of them, I hope they learn from the public's reaction today. After all, this logo wasn't intended to a bigger laugh than the excellent "Dinosaur Comics".