Jason's back in Brooklyn and back on the show, and after reading your emails and doing some wrap-up of the minor league season, we're joined by the great Sam Miller to talk about the Angels and the American League West, but he ends up being the opening act for the return of my mother, who tells you who the best prospect in baseball is . . . really. Then it's the goofy stuff and as always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 66: "Stay Out Of Trouble, Sarge"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Try again

2:44 Housekeeping

3:12 Emails

23:30 Did the Rays screw up the 2011 season?

32:56 Out last minor league games of the season

41:26 Minor League Awards, kind of

52:22 Are you going to see Moneyball?

1:00:13 Special Guest: Sam Miller (@SamMillerOCR), Orange County Register

1:22:09 Special Guest: My Mom takes your questions via Facebook

1:50:31 Musical Guest: Lydia Loveless

1:52:52 What Are You Drinking (special hat edition)

1:54:06 Pop Culture Moment: They Came Back

1:57:00 The Week Ahead

Music is by Lydia Loveless from the album Indestructible Machine, courtesy of Bloodshoot Records.