It was a pretty good night for home runs on Tuesday. Four different players had multiple home run days (including two in one game). There was a walkoff blast and an argument between teams about watching home runs. Not to mention Victor Martinez's typical trot or the interrupted trot out in Boston.

So how about we get to those trots?

Home Run of the Day: Gerardo Parra, Arizona Diamondbacks – 20.59 seconds [video]
I was really hoping to put Ryan Braun's 11th-inning, walkoff blast in this spot but, once I saw this Parra dust-up, I had no choice. As can be seen in this video, Parra led off his at-bat against Hong-Chih Kuo with a bunt attempt. However, on that attempt, Parra stepped face-first into a high-and-tight pitch, forcing him to jump out of the way of a very dangerous pitch. Parra did not seem to appreciate that (though it's not exactly Kuo's fault Parra squared his body in that direction) and glared at Kuo for quite a while after the pitch. Three pitches later, Parra crushes a ball over the fence. Still feeling upset at Kuo, Parra spent a long time watching the ball before sprinting hard and fast around the bases (the Dodgers broadcast showed a replay that allowed me to clock Parra as standing around for four seconds before beginning his sprint).

The Dodgers did not appreciate this and started jawing at Parra once he got back to the plate. Players on the field and in the dugout were yelling at the Arizona dugout. Interestingly, Arizona broadcaster Mark Grace seemed to be loving the exchange, gleefully (or worse) taking Parra's side. Arizona coaches (including Matt Williams) supported Parra just as much, yelling back across the diamond at the Dodgers. Back in June, Wilson Ramos of the Nationals hit a home run in Arizona and, out of spite at the Diamondbacks for some high-and-tight pitches of their own, took ages rounding the bases. The D-backs and their coaches, especially Matt Williams, were furious at Ramos (Grace was none-too-pleased either). Parra's tater trot was a little better than Ramos', seeing as how Parra actually went hard around the bases after his long view, but I don't see how it was all that different. I'm sure Matt Williams and Mark Grace have good reasons for that, though.

Slowest Trot: Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers – 28 seconds [video]
When I heard that Parra spent a long time admiring his home run – but before I had seen the video – I had a little wager in my head about who might have the slower trot: Parra or Martinez. I should have known never to bet against V-Mart when David Ortiz isn't in the race.

I've noticed during his last few trots that Martinez approaches third base differently than most other batters. Watch the video. Is that done on purpose, or has Martinez just been badly missing on his stride these last few homers?

Quickest Trot: Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox #2 – 18.15 seconds [video]
This is one of my favorite things. Pedroia was one of the four players Tuesday to hit two home runs. His two trots also happened to be the two quickest trots of the night, with home run #2 edging out home run #1 by a quarter of a second. The fastest player not named Dustin Pedroia was the Angels' Howie Kendrick, who came in at 18.94 seconds on his second home run of the night.

In the Toronto/Boston game, J.P. Arencibia hit a home run off the top of the Green Monster. The ball ricocheted onto the field, confusing everybody as to whether it was a home run or not. The third base umpire called it a home run right away, but Arencibia still stopped at second base for a moment before continuing on his way. He touched home plate 21.55 seconds after the blast, but the time will not be counted. As always, I only count trots that are uninterrupted. Arencibia stopped at second for a hair too long to be considered "uninterrupted".


All of Today's Trots

Victor Martinez....28      Alex Gordon........21.44
Matt Wieters.......25.3    David Murphy #2....20.87
Carlos Ruiz........24.13   Prince Fielder.....20.78
Clint Barmes.......23.73   Gerardo Parra......20.59
Adrian Beltre......23.51   Hunter Pence.......20.53
Derrek Lee.........23.3    Howie Kendrick #1..19.83
Jose Bautista......23.24   Robinson Cano......19.79
Ryan Braun.........23.23   David Murphy #1....19.66
Carlos Santana #2..23.05   Jacoby Ellsbury....19.18
Miguel Montero.....22.92   Josh Hamilton......19.1
Dan Uggla..........22.59   Mike Moustakas.....19.08
Andrew McCutchen...22.36   Howie Kendrick #2..18.94
Carlos Santana #1..22.17   Dustin Pedroia #1..18.4
Brandon Phillips...22.01   Dustin Pedroia #2..18.15
Evan Longoria......21.75   J.P. Arencibia.....N/A (21.55)
Brian McCann.......21.55
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Cabrera earlier in the year would do a deliberate stutter step at third base - which he now no longer does, but I have noticed that Vistor picked up the third base stutter step instead.
What was especially silly about Parra's anger about Kuo's close pitch to him was, of course, that earlier this year Kuo was put on the disabled list for psychological problems relating to his inability to throw pitches where he wanted...
Victor - not Vistor, sorry