Another excerpt from the paper of record, the Weekly World News:

Sports Weirdo Shaves Head to Look Like Baseball

Sports fanatic Bobby Simmons considers himself the ultimate ballpark junkie – and he's got the haircut to prove it. He shaved his head to look like the seams on a baseball.

"It was just a joke at first," says the far-out fan. "My wife was getting fed up with all the memorabilia I keep around the house – autographs, game balls, bats, baseball cards … anything to do with the game.

"So I went down to the barber shop and handed a baseball to the barber and said: 'Sal, make my head just like this.' "

Most of the stories found in the Weekly World News have that immediate "this just can't be real"-stink to them. One reading of the article and you know it's as much of a joke as Bat Boy. With this story, I assume it's fake, but I can't really see any reason why it couldn't be true. There's bound to be a few crazy guys out there who did the same thing to their head at least once or twice. Maybe even one or two of them are Baseball Prospectus subscribers.

Now if only we could find the real-life version of Charlie Brown's baseball rash

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"Sal the Barber" just seems too much of a coincidence to be true.