With Hurricane Irene coming down on the east coast, the Florida Marlins and Cincinnati Reds decided to play their Thursday game on Wednesday, giving the teams a rare pre-delay doubleheader. It was a last-minute decision, so the two teams probably weren't expecting many to make it to the first game – but they were probably expecting more than 347. A shame, too, as there were four home runs hit in that game.

Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays – 24.15 seconds [video]
It's always tempting to go with Wily Mo Pena when hits a blast, but we can't fail to give Bautista the respect he deserves too. Wednesday's blast appeared to hit off the glass of the third-deck club level in Toronto's SkyDome, a not-inconsequential distance from home plate. Bautista is quite the slugger, but he rarely hits them that far.

Slowest Trot: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies – 25.72 seconds [video]
This is a fairly odd place to find Tulo, who isn't normally known for his slow trots. The ball kept drifting more and more towards leftfield, but it landed nowhere close to the foul line. Tulo and the runner on first may have just held up, waiting to see if the catch would be made at the wall. Alfonso Soriano was the second slowest, rounding the bases in 25.39 seconds.

Quickest Trot: Coco Crisp #1, Oakland Athletics – 18.95 seconds [video]
This was refreshing to see, after so many 22+-second trots. Crisp was one of only two trotters to come in under twenty seconds on Wednesday, with Toronto's Brett Lawrie a bit behind Crisp at 19.39 seconds.


All of Today's Trots

Troy Tulowitzki..25.72      David Wright.....21.84
Alfonso Soriano..25.39      Carlos Gonzalez..21.72
Mark Reynolds....24.79      Gerald Laird.....21.59
Torii Hunter.....24.67      Wily Mo Pena.....21.48
Juan Rivera......24.6       Joey Votto.......21.27
Alex Avila.......24.5       Alex Gordon......21.23
Adrian Gonzalez..24.21      Nick Evans.......21.21
Jose Bautista....24.15      Alex Gonzalez....20.94
Mark Teixeira....23.44      Evan Longoria....20.84
Todd Frazier.....23.12      A.J. Ellis.......20.78
Chipper Jones....22.99      Clint Barmes.....20.68
Mike Napoli......22.75      Jonny Gomes......20.59
Coco Crisp #2....22.71      Laynce Nix.......20.55
Nick Swisher #2..22.45      Logan Morrison...20.32
Joey Votto (G2)..22.15      Jose Lopez.......20.12
Carlos Beltran...22.04      Nick Swisher #1..20.08
Jacoby Ellsbury..21.97      Brett Lawrie.....19.39
Carl Crawford....21.94      Coco Crisp #1....18.95
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What your video didn't quite show (and the reason that I thought Bautista's blast might be the trot of the day) is the staredown Bautista gave Luke Hochevar after htting the homerun. Hochevar had thrown the first pitch of the at bat high and in to Bautista, who was not amused. (He'd also hit Yunel Escobar with a pitch two batters previously.) There's a better look at it here: (Check the "animated gif".)
Escobar bats right in front of Bautista, not two batters before. And no, you don't deliberately hit Escobar to pitch to Bautista, no matter what Yunel thinks. Even the home plate umpire and his first base coach told him to quit behaving like an a**. Like Hochevar said after the game, there's no rule against pitching inside and he's going to continue to do it.