It's a sad day when Jason can't do the show, but our own Jay Jaffe fills in admirably as we talk about this signing deadline, A.J. Burnett and the mysterious men in white in Toronto. Matt Leach from joins us to discuss why the Cardinals just might be the most annoying team in baseball (except to Cardinals fans), and our listener of the week is an Ivy League philosophy and math brainiac who just finished 98th in the main event of the World Series of Poker. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 61: "My Dad Was The Lemonade King"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 He's not Jason, but he is in Brooklyn

3:51 Housekeeping

3:33 Email

31:42 Co-Hosting Options

32:33 Signing deadline (Don't Panic!)

38:55 A realistic discussion on what to do about A.J. Burnett

52:59 Do the Blue Jays = CH33TORZ?

1:01:09 Special Guest: Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach (@MatthewHLeach) on the soap opera of the Cardinals

1:26:50 Listener Of The Week: Philosophy Grad Student/Semi-professional poker player Nate Meyvis (@NateMeyvis)

1:47:44 Musical Guest: Radiant Republic Of Texas

1:48:59 What Are You Drinking?

1:55:23 Jay's life with a credential  

Music is by Radiant Republic of Texas, all rights reserved.

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Great pinch-hitting job, Jay.
Not to be all defensive for a blog not my own, but Drunk Jays Fans the blog was not excoriating Amy Nelson in a sexist manner, but in a professional one (albeit unprofessionally, as is their credo). Some commenters on that blog, however, sunk to extremely low depths in grossly misogynistic thoughts about her credentials.
It was the presentation of those thoroughly misogynist and offensive quotes from commenters ("Matt English") and "Amy Nelson's Dad" (and maybe others) for the sheer purposes of entertainment that pissed me off. That was as far over the line as anything I've encountered in nearly 15 years of arguing about baseball on the Internet, a total disgrace even for a blog which has made calculated offensiveness part of its shtik.

While I'm not sold on the veracity of the allegations Nelson and Keating presented, I see absolutely no excuse for resorting to that kind of childish and irresponsible bullshit.
Well said. It pissed me off.
All in all, tabloid blogging leads to tabloid readers making comments that lower the bar even further.
I had only read the 1st post wherein the nastiness was limited to the comments. I skipped the 2nd post where he glorified them. That was pretty lame.
I'm absolutely certain I can build a better fire than any current GM.
The "Baseball Jesus" hypothetical was great. Wouldn't a "perfect" catcher also have a benefit of improving the staff of this horrible team? Or is that just a myth?
Loved the Baseball Jesus mail too. Also wondered what happened at the end of Jon from London's letter about the rioting in the UK? Seemed to be a blip in the edit