After the last couple of days, a night where only 19 home runs were hit across the league seems small and dainty. Did all the teams in action Thursday decide to swing the bat with one arm tied behind their backs? I kid, of course. The fewer home runs are greatly appreciated, even if the trots were mostly unremarkable.

Let's check them out!

Home Run of the Day: Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay Rays – 20.3 seconds [video]
Jim Thome hit his 598th career home run in the Twins/Angels game, but it wasn't nearly as dramatic as Jennings' tenth-inning, game-tying shot. After giving up the lead in the top of the 10th, the Rays tied it again on this shot from Jennings. They would go on to win it in the 12th on a Robinson Chirinos single (but only after Chirinos tied it again in the 11th). I can't give Chirinos the Home Run of the Day, so Jennings is the next best thing.

Slowest Trot: Geovany Soto, Chicago Cubs – 24.2 seconds [video]
There was a little bit of confusion on Soto's part during the tater trot. He slowed a bit after rounding second base, apparently confused on whether the ball cleared the fence. He never stopped running completely, though, so his 24.2 second trot takes the cake. If he hadn't slowed down, though, Russell Martin may have taken that honor.

Quickest Trot: Blake DeWitt, Chicago Cubs – 19.01 seconds [video]
One of three trots to come in under twenty-seconds. DeWitt beat out Robinson Cano and Josh Reddick for the title.


All of Today's Trots

Geovany Soto......24.2        Mark Trumbo.......21.71
Russell Martin....23.51       John Mayberry.....20.95
Albert Pujols.....23.28       Carlos Pena.......20.89
Jose Bautista.....22.76       Troy Tulowitzki...20.47
Matt Holliday.....22.69       Desmond Jennings..20.3
Jim Thome.........22.65       Hunter Pence......20.15
J.J. Hardy........22.57       Robinson Cano.....19.64
Carlos Santana....22.05       Josh Reddick......19.18
Evan Longoria.....21.87       Blake DeWitt......19.01
Adam Dunn.........21.79