Good evening, fellow seekers of wisdom and truth. This evening, Mike Ferrin, Kevin Goldstein, and I will be wrapping up an exciting trade deadline weekened. Transaction Analysis maestro Ben Lindbergh will be joining us at the witching hour and other surprises are possible as we carry you through to 2 AM. As always, we will be checking in here to see if you have anything to say about what we had to say or what you think we should have said. I know I plan to say some frustrated things about the Angels and Cubs despite the fact that Jake Westbrook is going to pieces against them as I type these words. Please join the Three Highly-Loquacious Baseball Commentators on SiriusXM's MLB Network Radio (Sirius 209/XM 89) tonight at 11 PM EST. And don't forget you can call in at 866-652-6696!