We are one week away from August. How in the world did that happen? Well, at least that means we're getting to the trade deadline and the excitement of the late-season playoff push. It's something to keep our mind off this crazy summer heat, at least.

Now let's get to those trots!

Home Run of the Day: Chase Utley #2, Philadelphia Phillies – 19.63 seconds [video]
Not a whole lot to choose from among meaningful home runs on Saturday. In this same game, Ryan Howard hit a pinch-hit home run to tie the game up at four before the Phillies went on to take a commanding lead. Utley gets the Home Run of the Day, though, for his pair of blasts in the game. Gaby Sanchez also had two home runs Saturday.

Slowest Trot: Cameron Maybin, San Diego Padres – 26.93 seconds [video]
I have no idea what happened here. Maybin is typically a quick trotter. There was no confusion on whether this would be a home run or not (like, say, a ball down the line). He just moved a little slower than usual. The trot ended up "besting" Yadier Molina's 26.56 second trot (which was affected by a fair/foul situation) and Lance Berkman's 25.09 second trot.

Quickest Trot: Marlon Byrd, Chicago Cubs – 18.8 seconds [video]
Byrd is still (understandably) wearing his cheek protector at the plate, so he looks that much cooler when rounding the bases. He looked particularly excited on this trot, wearing a big smile as he finished his tater trot. I'm still disappointed that he's forced to slow down at home plate because of where the Cubs dugout is, but there's not a whole lot we can do about that.


All of Today's Trots

Cameron Maybin....26.93	    Ryan Braun........21.72
Yadier Molina.....26.56	    Troy Tulowitzki...20.98
Lance Berkman.....25.09	    Lucas Duda........20.94
J.P. Arencibia....25	    Chase Utley #1....20.9
Miguel Montero....24.02	    Ryan Howard.......20.67
Josh Willingham...23.65	    Hideki Matsui.....20.55
Justin Upton......23.62	    Danny Valencia....20.41
Geovany Soto......23.32	    Chase Headley.....20.41
Michael Martinez..23.2	    Logan Morrison....20.11
Nick Swisher......22.93	    Chase Utley #2....19.63
Vernon Wells......22.09	    Adam Jones........19.43
Gaby Sanchez #2...22.02	    Mike Carp.........19.2
Jose Reyes........21.94	    Marlon Byrd.......18.8
Gaby Sanchez #1...21.74

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Uh, Larry? Maybin's HR *hit* the fair pole - it was plenty high enough, but the issue of fair-foul was very much in doubt until the ball hit the pole.
Hmm, I suppose it's possible that I missed that while watching it. I thought I saw it land easily in the crowd, but I could be mistaken. The that would explain it to a certain degree (he was still a bit slow from 1st to home). I can't watch it now though...