"It’s no fun losing day in and day out, and that’s
what has been happening here. More so than retiring a
Red, I want to win a championship."

Barry Larkin, Reds infielder

"Why should I be happy here? They screwed me on
my contract the last three years. They took a team with
talent, and now we have no chance to win. I’m
competitive and I want to win."

Mark Grudzielanek, Expos infielder

"I was on a Braves team that won a World Series;
’95 was the best team ever. This team can be, but we’d
have to win, too."

Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher


"A lot of people came today to see a game. I was
shocked. They wanted us to play."

Brian Cashman, Yankees GM


"There is nothing worse than injuries. It’s so
frustrating. It seems like every day brings bad news.
Injuries take the fun out of it."

Kevin Towers, Padres GM

"It was great to have back my white, bald brother
from a different mother."

Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners outfielder, on the
return of Jay Buhner

"I’m done. I can’t play again. I’m not physically
able to play again."

Lenny Dykstra, Phillies outfielder

"Wow, three guys hurt, all because of me. I hope
each of them is OK."

Alex Rodriguez, Mariners infielder

"I am distressed by the recent on-the-field
fighting that has detracted from the spirit and
character of Major League Baseball. It has placed the
safety of players in jeopardy and reflected poorly on
that large majority of players who respect and maintain
the tradition of sportsmanship long associated with the

Bud Selig, acting commissioner


"Will we ever be a big-market club? No. But we can
generate enough revenues so that if we make good
baseball judgments, we can keep the players we develop,
which we haven’t been able to do."

Bill Stoneman, Expos vice president

"God blessed me with talent. I didn’t need to go
to college to establish my game in different areas. I
don’t think college would have helped me in that sense.
College would have helped me socially. That was on my
mind for years. I missed the college experience."

Gary Sheffield, Dodgers outfielder

"We’re not going to get anywhere by signing more
$2 million pitchers. Sometimes they come through.
Sometimes they don’t. We’re not going to be interested
in pitchers who are a dime a dozen. We definitely want
a front-line guy, someone who’ll have a positive effect
on our pitchers."

Randy Smith, Tigers GM

"We played the Padres early in the year and
thought they were the best team in the league. Now they
look like they are tired and worn down, like it’s
already September, while the Giants look fresh and good
to me."

Jack McKeon, Reds manager

"There are five or six game plans with Greg Maddux.
When he’s on, none of them work."

Ray Miller, Orioles manager

"I want Dodger fans to know that I take my
responsibility as a role model very seriously.
Therefore, I am understandably concerned about the
seriousness of the allegations."

Raul Mondesi, Dodgers outfielder, on DUI

"There’s no doubt, we’re not geared for National
League-style baseball. I don’t know what league would
be right for us. To be honest, we might be best suited
for Triple-A baseball right now."

Jerry Manuel, White Sox manager

"It’s not fair to say that Gord Ash has to be a
Pat Gillick. Or that the next manager has to come in
and win two championships like Cito [Gaston] did. Those
are tough shoes to fill."

Joe Carter, Orioles outfielder

"It’s not just Masato Yoshii, but compared to the
Dodgers, the Mets coaching staff, manager, players …
I think I can communicate very well with them. It’s a
very open clubhouse and so it’s nice to be able to
speak freely and get along with everyone."

Hideo Nomo, Mets pitcher

"I’m not going to say [the Rockies] need me. But
it’s very crucial for every team to have a leadoff guy
who can get things started and a guy who’s willing to
accept that role and do what he needs to do, which is
get on base."

Eric Young, Dodgers infielder

"There was a cooperative effort between the players
union, the Player Relations Committee, the Royals and
Felix [Martinez] to try to assist Felix in his personal
and baseball development."

Herk Robinson, Royals GM

"A utility guy in the American League doesn’t get
too much playing time."

Kurt Abbott, Rockies infielder

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