In partnership with SiriusXM, Baseball Prospectus is pleased to announce that on Sunday, July 17, we will begin a new radio show, MLB Roundtrip with Baseball Prospectus, co-hosted by BP’s Kevin Goldstein and Steven Goldman with Sirius XM veteran Mike Ferrin. Appearing every Sunday on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio channel at 11 PM eastern, the program will feature three hours of the quirky and original analysis, insight, and humor for which BP has become known since its founding in 1996.

“Everyone at Baseball Prospectus is excited to be involved with MLB Network Radio,” said co-host Goldstein. “With both Mike and Steven on board, the amount of wit and baseball intelligence in the room is staggering and we look forward to entertaining, informing, and interacting with our fans and listeners.”

“The interactive aspect is the part I’m most looking forward to,” Goldman agreed. “Normally, we writers spend our time in monastic isolation. If you’re one of the fortunate few you get to go on a book tour once in awhile, and of course you have comments and email, but it’s not the same as getting to go ‘to the mats’ with the readers in real time. Add in the up-to-the-minute factor that comes with following the weekly eight o’clock game and you really have Baseball Prospectus with a new kind of immediacy.”

"I'm very excited to have Baseball Prospectus as part of Roundtrip," Ferrin said. "I've long counted on BP for expert analysis and even better writing. With Kevin and Steven I get to spend three hours every week talking baseball with two of my favorite people and friends in the industry. I'd say it's gonna be 'the bomb,' but I'm pretty sure kids don't say that anymore."

Brent Gambill, executive producer of MLB Network Radio, said, “I've been a Baseball Prospectus subscriber since the website’s inception. It has long been a goal to bring BP content to MLB Network Radio. I couldn't be more pleased to welcome Baseball Prospectus's first-rate ideas and analysis to the SiriusXM Sports family.”

MLB Roundtrip with Baseball Prospectus with Kevin Goldstein, Steven Goldman, and Mike Ferrin, airing 11 PM EST Sundays on SiriusXM MLB Network Radio (XM 89, Sirius 209) beginning on July 17, 2011. Going beyond the back of the baseball card—live.