If you spent your weekend staring at the bottom of Baseball Prospectus web pages and periodically refreshing—and if you did, you probably had a better weekend than Ramon Castro or Francisco Cordero—you may have noticed something new show up in the wee hours of Saturday morning:  


As exciting as perusing our Privacy Policy can be—particularly the bit about cookies, if you're feeling famished—the most exciting option here is, appropriately, the only one with an exclamation point: 


First, we brought you The BP Wayback Machine. Next, we made our old articles free. Now, we're giving you another way to dive into our archives and while away your workday. If you click on the "Surprise Me!" button—which can be found in the same location regardless of what BP page you're viewing—you'll be taken to a randomly selected article from our back pages. Naturally, you never know what you're gonna get, making Baseball Prospectus more like a box of chocolates than ever before. Ironically, the first old article I got was a link to an even older article. How about you?