To quote one of the Beatles songs most widely considered to be among their lamest (but that I admit to liking), "you have an invitation to make a reservation!" No, it's not Magical Mystery Prospectus, but our annual All-Star Game live roundtable, featuring questions and comments from you. Please join Kevin Goldstein, Ben Lindbergh, Derek Carty, and the rest of the BP gang, including myself if you will have me. As with our previous roundtables, we will be using the Cover It Live doohickey you see below. Just return to this post at 8 PM on Tuesday and start typing away. You won't be long to wait for our answer. Looking forward to seeing you then.


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This roundtable is a perfect example of the decline in BP over the past few years. Without Sheehan, Carroll, Kahrl, etc. this website has turned into amateurs discussing their own inside jokes and snarky silliness. Why should I read this - or a chat in which Ben responds to a reader asking about the relative value of Brett Gardner and another player with some comment about how much he "likes" gardner - where's the intelligence? Thank heavens that you have been re-running old BP material. I write this with a heavy heart. I have been a BP reader since the beginning and a subscriber on and off. The quality has really fallen. Transaction Analysis is not what it was - at all. Kahrl's understanding of roster construction was not merely statements of the obvious. I would learn something. The new stuff on injuries does not tell me anything about the injuries the way Will Carroll's stuff did. Goldman's columns are excellent. Unfortunately, I find myself more and more struggling to remain interested as I read most of the material on a website that I had been excited about for years.