I have to apologize for how late this got up tonight. A lunch appointment kept me from doing the Tracker during my normal time, and then computer problems turned a 30-minute session into two-plus hours. Fun times.

Maybe some trots will cheer us up.

Home Run of the Day: Cord Phelps, Cleveland Indians – 18.73 seconds [video]
To be honest, this walkoff home run would have almost certainly been Home Run of the Day just for the fact that it was hit by a man named Cord Phelps. Cord. Phelps. What a great name. But the honor was solidified when I realized that this happened to be Cord's first career home run. Hard to ask for a better debut home run than an 11th-inning walkoff blast. The super-quick trot was just icing on the cake.

Slowest Trot: Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox – 24.41 seconds [video]
Seeing Paul Konerko atop the slowest trot of the day lists is nothing new. The first baseman just doesn't really care how long his trots take. A 24.41 second trot isn't all that slow, though. Many other nights would have seen someone top this Konerko trot pretty easily.

Quickest Trot: Skip Schumaker, St. Louis Cardinals – 17.22 seconds [video]
What a fantastic day for walkoff home runs. Typically, a walkoff blast is a bit slower than your average home run. The tendency to savor the moment around the bases while also slowing down as the runner approaches the scrum of his teammates is pretty common. Seeing two walkoff trots of such speed is quite the treat, then. Especially this 17-second one from Schumaker. It's rare.


All of Today's Trots

Paul Konerko.....24.41	   Dioner Navarro...21.39
Mark Reynolds....24.27*	   Jeff Mathis......20.92
Alfonso Soriano..24.11	   Ty Wigginton.....20.61
Albert Pujols....23.67	   J.J. Hardy.......20.5*
Miguel Cabrera...23.61	   Danny Espinosa...20.45*
Nick Swisher.....22.41	   Aaron Hill.......20.37
Prince Fielder...22.31	   Miguel Cairo.....19.84
Carlos Santana...22.28	   Dustin Pedroia...19.77
Roger Bernadina..22.13	   Alexi Casilla....19.51*
Alcides Escobar..21.91	   Vernon Wells.....19.41
Landon Powell....21.77	   Cord Phelps......18.73
Alex Rios........21.77	   Nyjer Morgan.....18.42
Brennan Boesch...21.69	   Brett Gardner....18.14
Marco Scutaro....21.65	   Skip Schumaker...17.22
Kevin Youkilis...21.44

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I fail to believe Landon powell's time is correct. Are you sure that isn't 21 minutes?
What does the asterisk mean?
Approximate. Usually it means the camera doesn't show exactly when the player touches home plate (e.g., it shows his waist up).
Thanks. The MASN cameras were particularly bad about it on Sunday and, since the O's & Nats were playing each other and both broadcast on MASN, there was no alternative feed to watch.