We read emails from exotic places, we rank reliever and catcher prospects, we preview the College World Series with Will Kimmey of ESPN, we have our second straight listener of the week named Juan, and Jason hurt his back. Taste, and enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 54: "That Didn't Sound Like A Cold Sip"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Let's Do This

3:32 Housekeeping: How to stay in touch with us in various ways

4:34 Proof the we love email by reading email

  • Alexi Ogando's fake deep arsenal
  • Why Scott Boras represents kids who want to go to school
  • Draft eligibility shenanigans
  • Questions from New Zealand and an opportunity to rip Pearl Jam
  • Helping a guy get to Moscow
  • Benny Agbayani and Google
  • Jason's clothes
  • Rimbaud and Rambo

29:50 Super-Twos: A problem with no good solution

36:35 Ranking relief prospects

50:44 Ranking catching prospects

1:05:19 Special Guest: Will Kimmey (@willkimmey), ESPN on the College World Series

  • Big stories in Omaha
  • Defending the bunt
  • The new bats
  • The pitch count controversy
  • Making his pick
  • Bonus What Are You Drinking?

1:31:39 Listener Of The Week: Juan Villarreal (@jajajaun), on life in Monterrey

1:51:44 Music Guest: The Bear Coat

1:57:37 What Are You Drinking (aka We Just Can't Let It Go)

2:00:21 That Just Happened!

2:09:16 The Week Ahead

Music is by The Bear Coat from the album Adding Mass, all rights reserved.

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Awesome the new Bear Coat. Can't wait to download and listen
I really enjoyed the conversation with Juan. Like you said Kevin, I can't stand mainstream news either. I used to come for just baseball but now I enjoy whatever you so choose to spew into my ears. I'm drinking Bass and it's holding its chill quite well.