A few weeks ago, I wrote the Handy, Dandy Mascot Guide. It's my attempt to list every single costumed mascot Major League teams have had in the last fifty years or so (since Mr. Met first hit the field and when the Phillie Phanatic changed the game). I knew when I complied the list that I was missing a mascot or two and that some of my dates on certain mascots were unclear. Many people gave me some good information to help clear things up, but the guide is still far from complete.

Yesterday, Paul Lukas of the practically-mandatory Uni Watch blog helped fill the story in just a little bit more. His post included a profile of Lynn Farrell, the woman behind Mrs. Met.

In my original post, I wrote this about Mrs. Met:

Lady Met – A female version of Mr. Met. She apparently made some appearances early in Mr. Met's existence, but hasn't been seen recently. One wonders how much hot, baseball-on-baseball action was seen in those early, halcyon days.

It's true; there just isn't a lot to find about Mrs. Met. So this interview with Ms. Farrell is incredibly helpful. In it, we learn that she was called "Mrs. Met" (not "Lady Met" like a few sites claim) and that she wore the costume in 1975 and 1976. We also learn that those 1970s crowds weren't always the most polite to a woman wearing a giant plaster of paris head, which probably helps explain Mrs. Met's brief existence.

As for the hot baseball-on-baseball action, there's no mention of it, but the two mascots behind the giant baseball heads did end up married for 25 years. I knew there was something romantic about those costumes!

(If you have any other information about old mascots, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, I highly recommend the interview with Ms. Farrell over at Uni Watch.)

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Nice! So any truth to the rumor that they liked to rub each other with Mississippi River mud as a matter of foreplay?