Every afternoon, I watch all the home runs from the night before before writing this piece. This includes forcing myself to rewatch any home runs that might have been devastating for the Brewers, the team I root for. You can imagine, then, watching Aramis Ramirez wipe out Yovani Gallardo's fantastic start with one swing of the bat off of Marco Estrada was no fun today. However, I was also forced to watch the Orioles-Blue Jays game, when Baltimore tied the game up with a blast in the eighth inning before Toronto won it on an extra-innings walkoff. Even without a rooting interest, that's the kind of stuff that is fun to see.

So how about those trots?

Home Run of the Day: Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays – 23.17 seconds [video]
This would have been the Home Run of the Day even if it was hit in the first inning of an 18-1 rout. Lind just crushed this ball, pulling it down the rightfield line and clanging it on the fron of the fourth deck. Bombs like that are pretty rare these days. The fact that it was an 11th-inning walkoff for the Blue Jays only makes it that much more awesome.

Slowest Trot: Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles – 24.23 seconds [video]
This is the other home run I mentioned above. With the Orioles trailing 5-3 in the eighth inning, Wieters launched this ball into the second deck in leftfield. It looks small compared to Lind's blast three innings later, but this could easily have been the biggest home run of the night if it weren't for Lind.

Quickest Trot: Chris Denorfia, San Diego Padres – 18.21 seconds [video]
Such a quick trot that at first I thought the San Diego feed had skipped over a portioni of the trot. Curtis Granderson and Chase Utley also had trots in the sub-twenty second range, but no one could match Denorfia on Tuesday.


All of Today's Trots

Matt Wieters.......24.23     Hideki Matsui......21.29
Miguel Montero.....23.76*    Chris Iannetta.....21.05
Adam Lind..........23.17     Aaron Hill.........20.99
Lance Berkman......23.13     Robinson Cano......20.9
Aramis Ramirez.....23.1      Dan Uggla..........20.76
Geovany Soto.......22.88     Nick Swisher.......20.54
Domonic Brown #2...22.12     Justin Ruggiano....20.16
Jimmy Rollins......21.8      Curtis Granderson..19.6
Albert Pujols......21.78     Chase Utley........19.45
Domonic Brown #1...21.68     Chris Denorfia.....18.21
Ryan Howard........21.56
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