Here at Baseball Prospectus, we are dedicated to providing you with oodles of cutting-edge sabermetric analysis and keeping our finger on the pulse of the baseball world. With a slew of daily articles, it’s easy for one piece to get lost in the shuffle or for you to overlook a post while you’re busy hiding your monitor from your boss. Just in case this happens to be your situation, here’s what you might have missed this week at BP.





  • There have been times over the last few years where David Ortiz has looked finished. The big man would swing and miss at even the meatiest of fastballs, and nothing was clearing the fence. Facing free agency at season’s end, Big Papi is having a renaissance season in Boston. R.J. Anderson attempts to track down the causes of the slugger’s resurgence.
  • You often hear of the benefits of a pitcher being able to throw from multiple arm slots, adding deception to his delivery and keeping the hitter guessing as to which pitch is coming. But is it possible that pitchers who give hitters the same look and maintain a consistent arm slot are just as successful? Jeremy Greenhouse is on the case.


 After a busy week, with a couple firings and the Rule 4 draft dominating the headlines, take some time to catch up on some sleep, watch some ballgames, and come back Monday for more fun. Have a great weekend!  

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