Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals uber-prospect, hit his 14th home run of the season last night for the Hagerstown Suns. Apparently he appreciated the opposing pitcher's role in the home run so much that he blew him kisses as he approached home plate. That's all that was, right? Appreciation?

Sadly, the video is edited in such a way that I can't get a tater trot time for Mr. Harper and his mustache. I can say that it took Harper over four seconds before he stopped watching the home run and began jogging. Even the worst offenders in the big leagues rarely stare a ball down that long. My guess is that this trot ended up in the 24- to 25-second range (he moved pretty fast once he started moving).

The real question is this: which is the bigger star of this video, Harper's blown kisses or that mustache? It's closer than you think.