No time to waste on this beautiful holiday weekend.

Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Corey Patterson, Toronto Blue Jays – 20.36 seconds [video]
Jose Bautista hit his 20th home run of the year in this contest, but it's Corey Patterson and his five hits – including this 14th inning walkoff home run – that was the real story of the game. Patterson is a player who hasn't really been major league quality in four or five years, but who continues to hang around anyway. Occasionally, a glimpse of his talent shows through. I think we may have seen the 2011 version of that on Saturday.

Slowest Trot: Zach Duke, Arizona Diamondbacks – 24.11 seconds [video]
Duke, a seven-year veteran and owner of a lifetime .203 slugging percentage, hit his first major-league home run on Friday. The blast was an opposite field shot that barely cleared the high leftfield wall in Houston. His 24.11 second trot showed that Duke isn't used to being on that end of a home run.

Quickest Trot: Carlos Gomez, Milwaukee Brewers – 14.29 seconds [video]
Carlos Gomez's "inside-the-park home run" (it was an awfully generous scoring decision) is the second-quickest four-base sprint I've clocked since the start of the 2010 season. I wrote about Peter Bourjos's 14.02 second trot earlier this year. I wonder who else in baseball today could ever challenge these two's trots.


All of Today's Trots

Zach Duke..........24.11       Jose Bautista......21.6
Brian McCann #2....24.08       Laynce Nix.........21.38*
Andrew McCutchen...23.84       Mark Teixeira......21.37
Lyle Overbay.......23.52       Gerardo Parra......21.21
Adrian Beltre......23.36       Mike Napoli........21.06
Evan Longoria......22.52*      Freddie Freeman....21.03
Chris Snyder.......22.15       Brent Lillibridge..20.9
Mitch Moreland.....22.15       Corey Patterson....20.36
Chris Iannetta #1..21.99       Ronny Cedeno.......19.82
Mark Ellis.........21.88       Robinson Cano......19.49
Brian McCann #1....21.81*      Matt LaPorta.......19.43
Chris Iannetta #2..21.78       Endy Chavez........19
Nelson Cruz........21.61       Carlos Gomez.......14.29

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Zach Duke Strat owners will get the "N" power rating, but also will get stuck owning Zach Duke. :-)
Billy Hamilton (2nd comment by me today about him, ughh) had an inside the parker this year. I have it timed at 14.1. Check it out:
Thanks for that video! That's a tough one. The plate is so completely covered in dust, you kind of have to guess at it's location (how could the umpire let it be that dirty?). I time it at about 14.33 seconds, but I'm not positive on that. Definitely one of the fastest trots I've seen.

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